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Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set Review



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The Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set features 4 bags that are made out of 100 per cent polyester which can be easily washed by hand. The unique make of these bags is thanks to the woven Cardin Signature Jacquard Fabric that’s known for its premium feel and high quality. The bags expand up to 2.5 inches to fit with your growing needs. The in-line skating wheels installed in the upright bags ensure that they will roll easy with most floor types. The set got a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon, making this an essential buy for anyone who travels around a lot, either for business or adventure.

Negative Reviews

Since the Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set garnered an excellent rating in Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5 stars score, there isn’t really anything much to say in this negative portion of the review. What it comes down to now is the customer or user’s personal taste. Others really don’t prefer having a unique and stand-out design for their bags, and this is what the Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece is known for. One reviewer, while still giving a great score in his review, mentioned that the zipper for one of the uprights fell off, but this was an isolated case. Because the color of the bags is dominantly white, they may get dirty often. Good thing, then, that the set can easily be cleaned by hand. Finally, what other critics say is that the Pierre Cardin Signature Set may be quite expensive, but, according to most reviewers, the price is well worth it because of the positive points listed below.

Positive Reviews

The most common thing that customers and users say about the Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set is that it stands the test of time and will easily accompany you for many trips to come. One reviewer stated that his set accompanied him through 5 trips and counting. Thanks to the different sizes, the set is very versatile and will suit your every trip. This versatility is only propelled further by the ability of the bags to expand at almost 2.5 inches per bag. Another reviewer loved the fact that the bags are reinforced, so they keep to their shape even when stuffed with things. This is especially true with the briefcase as most briefcases tend to become bulky and refuse to close when they’re filled up. Thankfully, the manufacturers have found a way to go around this. The bags also have an abundance of pockets, making it easy for you to keep things accessible, while at the same time, organized.

The Conclusion

The Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set has made many customers, clients, users and reviewers happy and there is no reason that you shouldn’t experience this as well. We highly recommend these set of bags because of their durability, stylish design, versatility and expandability. While it may cost a tad bit expensive, you are truly guaranteed of the quality you’re getting, which is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

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